SeaLife Enhances Underwater Lighting Line with Four Sea Dragon Models

SeaLife Enhances Underwater Lighting Line with Four Sea Dragon Models


Moorestown, NJ—SeaLife, a pioneer in underwater photography, introduced its most powerful underwater lights to date. Featuring compact light heads, high power and long burn time, the four new Sea Dragon lights offer enhanced brightness, wide-beam angles and the latest LED technology.

Utilizing the Sea Dragon line, underwater photographers using a wide-angle camera lens will be able to light an entire video frame. The lights also provide needed illumination when night diving or exploring wrecks and reefs.

Sea Dragon 2500.
With 2,500-lumen output, this light shines across a wide 120º beam and uses flat-panel LED technology to mimic natural sunlight. Engineered with a color rendering index of 90 (sunlight is 100), the light is said to bring out true color in underwater photos and video that would be impossible for the human eye to see with a standard LED light. Designed to address the issue of blue-hued underwater photos and video, the running time of the light is an hour.

Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam.
SeaLife’s most adaptable light, it features a 2,100-lumen, 100º flood beam and a concentrated 800-lumen, 15º spot beam in the same unit. The variable-power flood beam brightens underwater surroundings, photos and videos, while the spot beam is suited for illuminating great distances and pointing out far-off sea creatures. One-button operation allows for quick cycling of desired output and beam angle with three flood beam strength settings and a full power, 800-lumen spot.

Both the Sea Dragon 2500 and Sea Dragon 2100 include emergency signal modes that emit one flash per second or an SOS beacon. They also keep the battery compartment sealed off from the electronics, so that accidental flooding will only damage a battery, not the light itself. They are sold as a light head only or packaged with a flex-connect grip and camera tray.

Sea Dragon Mini 650
. Available in two 650-lumen models—the Mini 650 Flood with a wide 120º flood beam and the Mini 650 Spot with a 15º spot beam—the handheld underwater lights come with a lanyard, a Y-S mount, a cold-shoe mount, a GoPro mount and a SeaLife AquaPod pole mount. Users can mount the Mini 650 to the end of an AquaPod to illuminate close-up video in dark caverns or attach it to a GoPro camera.

The Sea Dragon Mini 650 features one-button operation, a double O-ring seal to eliminate the possibility of water damage, and a three-color battery-status indicator. The included pair of single-use CR123 batteries yields 60 minutes of burn time at full power; an optional 18650 2,600-mAh, 3.7v rechargeable battery provides a 100-minute, full-power burn time.

According to SeaLife, as with “all Sea Dragon lights, the actual lab-tested lumen reading meets or exceeds SeaLife’s claims.” SeaLife’s Sea Dragon lights have the following MSRPs: Sea Dragon 2500 (with grip/tray), $499.95; Sea Dragon 2500 (light head only), $429.95; Sea Dragon Duo 5000 set (two 2500 lights/grip/tray), $899.95; Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam (with grip/tray), $499.95; Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam (light head only), $429.95; Sea Dragon Mini 650 Flood, $159.95; and Sea Dragon Mini 650 Spot, $159.95.