Printing Press Spotlight: Pro Photographer Relies on Canon & Canson for Artistic Signature

Today, pro photographers have access to all of the tools that make it easy for them to print. These tools range from amazing cameras and incredible lenses to user-friendly editing software and high-tech printers....

Marylee Johnson: #RealCamerasRock

D igital Imaging Reporter's November issue features photographer Marylee Johnson; she is an adventure and lifestyle photographer based in Seattle, Washington. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Johnson developed a deep connection to nature....

Adobe MAX 2019 Adds Apps for iPad & Immersive Media

Los Angeles, CA—At Adobe MAX 2019, Adobe Systems introduced the next generation of Creative Cloud. The release features faster and more powerful products spanning multiple surfaces. In addition, the company officially launched Adobe Photoshop...

Camera Accessories for Phoneographers & Videographers

Taking photos with a smartphone is always a simple snap away. However, with certain camera accessories, mobile photography and videography can reach a different level. Phone manufacturers keep pushing the envelope on what their cameras...

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