Retail Intelligence: Three Design Improvements That Will Make You More Money

Intuitive, attractive and functional design is the most powerful way for a store to stand out against the competition, grow and build customer satisfaction—and drive repeat business. What kind of design? Marketing design, interior design...

Social Networking for Success: Grow Your Business with a Webmaster or Social Media Marketer

Taking the leap to hire someone to manage your website and social media is a big decision. However, it is a move that can help your business grow while giving you the time to...

Canon Pixma TS702 Connected Printer for Home and Office

Melville, NY—With the goal of providing one printer that can handle the printing workload of a busy family or a business, Canon introduced the Pixma TS702. The compact, connected inkjet printer can fulfill a...

Digital Photo Frames: Take 3

Digital photo frames have been around for a while. We got tired of the first generation in the 1990s, while the second generation of Internet-connected frames a decade later wasn’t compelling enough for most...

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