The Imaging Industry Joins Forces with Memories Matter Campaign

Memories Matter: At a time when the imaging industry is feeling the sting of change, there is a new way to work around some of the challenges by joining forces. The Imaging Alliance is...
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Editor’s Note: Camera Retailers Are Prime for E-tailing

We’re pleased to name YM camera as our 2019 E-tailer of the Year. We congratulate the Yankush family on their strong performance in online e-tailing and social media sales and marketing. Coming off of Amazon’s...

Lowel Blender XL Bi-Color Light Source

Hauppauge, NY—Lowel, a division of the Tiffen Company, launched the Lowel Blender XL, a next-generation bi-color lighting fixture. The device employs surface mount LEDs with an output that’s almost four times a traditional one-by-one...

Polaroid Lab Turns Smartphone Images into Polaroid Photos

New York, NY—Polaroid Originals introduced the Polaroid Lab, a completely new instant camera product that turns digital into analog. The device’s three-lens developing system functions as a miniature tabletop darkroom; it uses the unique...

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