PhotoALBM Launches Flickr “Replacement” Service

PhotoALBM Launches Flickr “Replacement” Service

Platform Based on AI & Human-Centered Design


New York, NY—PhotoALBM launched a photo-centric platform for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. Billed as a “YouTube for photographers,” PhotoALBM is a platform where users upload photos to show off their work while enjoying the work of others. The photo-sharing platform is headquartered in New York City.

According to the company, “what sets it apart from other popular photography services is that it is built on the principles of human-centered design and, therefore, is well organized and easy to use. The “smart” photo service is driven by artificial intelligence to help make the process of portfolio/album creation a “surprisingly pleasant and fun experience that takes only a few minutes.”

PhotoALBM-graphic“What you see in the initial release is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Ed Romanov, CEO of PhotoALBM. “We have a clear vision of what the photo album of the future is going to be and already have a roadmap of how to get there. There are many cool and innovative features being currently developed. We’re excited about introducing them in a very near future.”

The photo-sharing site is based on human-centered design popularized by Donald Norman. “Good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible,” Norman once said. “The whole point of human-centered design is to tame complexity, to turn what would appear to be a complicated tool into one that fits the task, that is understandable, usable, enjoyable.”

PhotoALBM Features

PhotoALBM, which costs about the same as a cup of coffee, is designed to sell photos and have no limitations. It is updatable, editable as well as always accessible, since it lives in Amazon Cloud. The service also offers an instant blog feature and social media integration. In addition, it can be viewed on a big-screen TV. Also provided are background music, different viewing modes and animations.

The platform is also said to have a fast, well-organized and easy to navigate directory of photographers. The directory is presented in a clear and usable format. Every element, including the image optimization module, is custom built for speed and optimized for real-time performance.