GoPro App Sharing Feature Moves Content Straight to Instagram

GoPro App Sharing Feature Moves Content Straight to Instagram


San Mateo, CA—For consumers unhappy that it takes just too many steps to post GoPro videos and photos to their Instagram Stories, GoPro released news that’s going to make them #smile. It’s an update to the GoPro app that enables easy sharing.

GoPro shooters can now add their photo and video footage direct to an Instagram story from the GoPro app. Moreover, they can do this with only a few taps. They’ll also benefit from new tools that let them trim a video to the exact clip they want. In addition, using the app, they can vertically crop a wide shot for the perfect angle. They can also add immersive, close-to-the-action clips adjusted to the exact moment they want to share.

“Some of our best stories happen in places or in moments that you’re simply not going to use your smartphone,” said Nick Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO. “Now it’s easier to share straight to Instagram Stories. We can’t wait to see what the GoPro community will post.”

How the GoPro App/Instagram Stories Feature Works

Instagram-Stories-graphicUsing the new feature, consumers can select a photo or video in the GoPro app and then tap “share” and “Instagram Stories.” They can also drag left or right to frame the vertical crop (currently iOS only).

In addition, they can trim a video to share exactly what they want and add any creative tools. The video can be posted to their Instagram Story. In addition, it can be sent to friends and family via Instagram Direct.