Canon Expands Pro 4K HDR Reference Displays

Canon Expands Pro 4K HDR Reference Displays

New Models Feature 12G-SDI Terminals


Melville, NY—Canon USA introduced two professional 4K HDR reference displays: the 24-inch DP-V2421 and the 17-inch DP-V1711.

The Canon DP-V2421 24-inch 4K professional reference display features a 12G-SDI terminal. Moreover, it’s engineered to deliver high luminance and high contrast. As a result, it is ideal for viewing 4K and HDR content in broadcasting studios and when producing on-location video.

The 17-inch DP-V1711 features the same performance in a more compact design. Its form factor not only makes it easy to transport for on-location shooting but is also geared for use in environments where space is limited, such as mobile production trucks.

Featuring 12G-SDI terminals (four in and four out), the DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 are designed to enable the easy transmission of 4K 60p footage with a single cable. This is an upgrade compared to reference displays that are equipped with only 3G-SDI terminals that require four cables for transmission.

Canon DP-V1711

“The reduced number of cables can benefit users in several ways, including reduced costs, quicker installation time and saving space while on-location,” Canon announced.

Moreover, the DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 support industry standards. These include Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantization (PQ). Both are also compatible with Canon’s proprietary log gammas—Canon Log, Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3.

In addition, they feature shooting-assist functions for all HDR standards, such as a built-in waveform monitor. The displays also employ built-in HDR metering. The metering overlays different areas of input images with colors depending on luminance. As a result, they allow for convenient review and confirmation of HDR images.

Optional Upgrade for Other Pro 4K HDR Displays

Canon will also enable customers to upgrade, for a fee, their 17-inch DP-V1710 and DP-V1711 models. The upgrade will increase the displays’ maximum luminance to 600 cd/m2. This will improve their ability to express greater detail in bright areas of the screen. This is said to be useful when reviewing high-luminance video in such environments as bright shooting locations.

The DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 have suggested retail prices of $39,000 and $18,000, respectively.