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Digital Imaging Reporter’s 2018 Dealer of the Year: Art’s Cameras Plus

Don’t worry about the future of specialty photo retailing. Art’s Cameras Plus understands the need for optimum customer and employee experiences to foster their...

Profit Prospects: Let Your Customer Dream Her Dream

Why are some retailers painting a bull’s eye on their toes? Our industry is poised for the best year in recent memory. Nikon just...

Profit Prospects: Why Do Employees Really Quit?

“I love it here, but my kid’s going to college . . . my wife lost her job . . . we’re having a...

Profit Prospects: NAB—Just Another Convention, or Is It More?

Since the decline of PMA, our industry has been looking for a trade show or convention to embrace. Thought-leading retailers have been looking for...

Profit Prospects: Does Awakening in a Pool of Blood Equal Success?

Arianna Huffington said it was a wake-up call when she collapsed in her office from exhaustion in 2007, breaking her cheekbone and adding blood...

It’s Not You. It’s Me: Customers Adopt Mobile Shopping

“This is a red flag in any relationship, and retailers are hearing it a lot lately in the form of customers leaving . ....

Profit Prospects: The Taxman Cometh

In the early 20th century, Henry Ford had a problem on his assembly line that his engineers couldn’t fix. Ford called on the renowned...

Midwest Photo: DIR’s 2017 Dealer of the Year

A family-owned business with traditional values, Midwest Photo has thrived by embracing change and focusing on relationship building. “He’s like a rock star. Customers would...

DIR November 2017 Editor’s Note: Circling the Imaging Industry

The imaging industry is certainly not what it used to be. As you look through the pages of our magazine this month, you’ll get...

Profit Prospects: Good Selling to All!

Experts say the Christmas season should be strong, up by 3.5–6%. Kiplinger, Deloitte, CNBC, National Retail Federation, etc., are all upbeat on profit prospects....

Profit Prospects: The Bad Guys Are Coming!

If you work in a camera store or a distribution warehouse, you might be wondering when your store will be the next victim of...

DIR’s 2017 E-tailer of the Year

The Father–Son Team of Saed and Eldar Tariverdi Grew a Humble Store into a Leading Online Powerhouse We can’t be considered DIR’s E-tailer of the...

DIR May 2017 Editor’s Note: We Love Hearing from You

May 2017: While I’ve owned this space in Digital Imaging Reporter for quite awhile, sometimes I would like nothing more than to turn it...

Profit Prospects: The Fat Lady Hasn’t Left the Building

“It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”; the future is uncertain. The closure of Tall’s Camera, Keeble & Shuchat Photography and Showcase Photo...

Profit Prospects: Matt Sweetwood Is Wrong!

I’ve long admired the strength and genius of the Sweetwood family and their ability to morph Unique Photo into the powerhouse it is today....

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