Sigma Burbank Showcase Facility to Open in California

Burbank, CA—Sigma Corporation of America, a still photo and cinema lens, camera, flash and accessory manufacturer, will open a brand-new West Coast showcase facility in Burbank, California. Sigma Burbank is located at 148 S....

Best Buy Creates In-Store “Specialty Retailer” Experience Shops

Best Buy, in partnership with Canon, Nikon and Sony, redesigned its digital imaging departments in every major market to show customers what’s possible in the world of photography and videography. In fact, by mid-August,...

Entry-Level Interchangeable-Lens Cameras for Emerging Enthusiasts

Traditionally, the term “entry-level cameras” was used to describe stripped-down models built to a price point. However, that definition no longer applies. That’s because today’s casual shooters, most moving up from smartphones to “real...

Macro Lenses for Exquisite Close-ups and Beyond

Macro lenses don’t just allow photographers to capture exquisite close-ups. They’re also superbly corrected lenses that can be pressed into service for shooting crisp, compelling, detailed images at “normal” distances. Indeed, their dual personality makes...

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