Nikon School 2017–2018 Expands Online Classes & Local Seminars

Melville, NY—Nikon revealed its Nikon School 2017–2018 program schedule. The program offers a variety of courses and interactive workshops developed to appeal to photographers of all levels. Whether a beginner looking to step up to...

Joseph Hernandez: DIR Nov. 2017 Instagram Photographer

Digital Imaging Reporter’s November 2017 featured Instagram photographer is Joseph Hernandez. Most noteworthy, Hernandez has more than 149,000 followers on Instagram. “I’m a photographer based out of Los Angeles, California,” Hernandez says. “I took this...

Leica Debuts Leica Backpack Capsule with Peak Design

Allendale, NJ—Leica Camera and Peak Design collaborated to create the Peak Design for Leica Backpack Capsule. Stemming from a mutual admiration for design, aesthetic and craftsmanship, the Peak Design for Leica Backpack Capsule is...

Pholio Photo Album Searches Image Collections in Seconds

London, UK—A London-based start-up has developed a photo album, called Pholio, that indexes itself and hunts through its collection in an instant. No Internet connection is required. Pholio manages family photo and video collections...

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