PicsArt App Community-Powered Stickers

San Francisco. CA—An image-editing app and creative social network, PicsArt released community-powered stickers. Users can now make their own custom stickers and share them with friends. “Stickers broaden how our community can create and express...

Gen Z to Buy from Retailers with Digital Tools

New York, NY—Retailers looking to capture the discretionary income from the next generation of consumers—gen Z—must focus on new ways of engagement, claims Accenture Consulting. “This group is looking for enhanced digital tools such...

Fundy Designer Suite for Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Portland, OR—Fundy Software launched the all-in-one Fundy Designer suite for professional wedding and portrait photographers. The pro photography software company is best known for its design software, Album Builder and Gallery Designer, and its...

Pakor Adds Inks for Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100

Maple Grove, MN—Pakor, Inc., a provider of photographic supplies, has added a new ink product to its portfolio. Champion Digital Ink developed an ink (Mydoprint-52) that is specifically made for Fujifilm’s Frontier-S DX100 dry...

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