November 2018 Editor’s Note: Marketing Will Make a Difference

There are a lot of positive numbers lining up to make this a record-breaking year for the imaging industry. Those numbers should be complemented by renewed marketing strategies. First of all, the economy is in...

Selective Focus: 2019—The Year of the Lens

Judging from the lens introductions at photokina, and those already in the pipeline, consumers have some tough, though plentiful, choices to make when it comes to the glass they mount on their cameras. There are...

Entry-Level Interchangeable-Lens Cameras for Emerging Enthusiasts

Traditionally, the term “entry-level cameras” was used to describe stripped-down models built to a price point. However, that definition no longer applies. That’s because today’s casual shooters, most moving up from smartphones to “real...

Macro Lenses for Exquisite Close-ups and Beyond

Macro lenses don’t just allow photographers to capture exquisite close-ups. They’re also superbly corrected lenses that can be pressed into service for shooting crisp, compelling, detailed images at “normal” distances. Indeed, their dual personality makes...

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