Retail Innovation Acceptance, Winners vs. Non-Winners: RSR Research

Reston, VA—For most retailers, technology was viewed as a necessary evil, but the advent of mobile and omni-channel retailing has changed that, asserts RSR (Retail Systems Research). The research firm believes that while most...

November 2018 Editor’s Note: Marketing Will Make a Difference

There are a lot of positive numbers lining up to make this a record-breaking year for the imaging industry. Those numbers should be complemented by renewed marketing strategies. First of all, the economy is in...

Entry-Level Interchangeable-Lens Cameras for Emerging Enthusiasts

Traditionally, the term “entry-level cameras” was used to describe stripped-down models built to a price point. However, that definition no longer applies. That’s because today’s casual shooters, most moving up from smartphones to “real...

Macro Lenses for Exquisite Close-ups and Beyond

Macro lenses don’t just allow photographers to capture exquisite close-ups. They’re also superbly corrected lenses that can be pressed into service for shooting crisp, compelling, detailed images at “normal” distances. Indeed, their dual personality makes...

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