Lomo Society Intros Simple Use Film Camera

Lomo Society Intros Simple Use Film Camera

Lomography’s Newest Analog Film Camera Is Preloaded with “Funky” Film


New York, NY—The Lomographic Society is celebrating “the year of film” with the newest addition to its camera lineup—the Simple Use film camera. The pocket-size camera comes preloaded with 36-exposure film, so photographers can start shooting straight away.

Lomo Simple Use Film Camera, Lomochrome Purple

Compact and equipped with a flash, the camera is offered with a choice of three of the company’s artistic films. Photographers can make classic analog images with color negative ISO 400 film or monochrome images with black-and-white ISO 400 film. In addition, they can choose the Simple Use camera loaded with color reversal Lomochrome Purple 35mm ISO 100–400. This unique color-shifting film is exclusive to Lomography. Users can also reload film once the preloaded roll is finished.

Lomo Simple Use Film Camera, Color Negative

In addition, Lomography Simple Use film cameras come with three color gel flash filters for more creativity. The yellow, magenta and cyan filters can be mixed and matched to produce six different hues. Photographers slide them over the camera’s flash to tint the whole frame a different color.

“I am so excited to share this news because it means amazing things for analog shooters everywhere. It clearly demonstrates Lomography’s firm commitment not only to be innovators in product design for creative and film photographers in the digital age, but also bringing back beloved products that are fun and nostalgic for all, making the magical experience of shooting film fun and easy,” announced Katherine Phipps, Press & Marketing, Lomography USA.

Lomochrome Purple sample photo

Other Simple Use Features

The Simple Use film camera also features: a film advance wheel, a 31mm f/9 lens that focuses from 1mm to infinity, and a shutter speed of 1/120 sec. Its built-in flash has a 15-sec recharge time, and the camera is powered by one AA battery.

For photographers not sure where to develop the film, it can be mailed to the LomoLab from anywhere in the world. However, the film may be developed in any lab via C-41 processing (color film only).

Lomograpy Simple Use B&W Film Camera

The first shipment of Lomo Simple Use film cameras is on the way to the USA warehouse. Orders placed now will ship late April. The camera retails for $21.90.


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