PhotoSuite Events Software for Mitsubishi Photo Printers

PhotoSuite Events Software for Mitsubishi Photo Printers


Rye, NY—Mitsubishi Imaging introduced PhotoSuite (PS) Events software for its portable pro photo printers. The software is designed to allow photographers to automatically capture, edit, print and share event photos.

The software is marketed for use at parties, weddings, tourist attractions or conferences. PS Events can be configured and setup for use by up to five photographers at a time. And all images captured can be stored in individual hot folders for each photographer.
PS-Events-2“PS Events software also allows photographers to increase their business by offering untapped new services,” the company announced. “The digital self-portrait or ‘selfie’ has firmly established itself as the most popular form of photographic self-expression. To satisfy the growing demand for instant social photography, which can be shared across social media or printed at a moment’s notice, Mitsubishi Electric has created PhotoSuite Events.”

Additional PhotoSuite Features

Another feature offered in the software is the ability to add text to images along with frames and logos. Included are image-editing tools like zoom, crop & color, and black-and-white and sepia filter effects. The software also provides multiple templates for print layouts. Multi-format printing is available for 4×6-, 5×7-, 6×8-, 8×10- and 8×12-inch prints.
PS-Events-3Photographers can upload pictures to Facebook and direct download and print from #Hashtag: Instagram and Twitter, so that customers’ selfies can be instantly printed. Among the recommended applications of PS Events is wedding photography. The software allows photographers to print all of the selfies of a customer’s wedding, during the ceremony or at the reception. All of the daytime pictures associated with the wedding can also be printed during the event for sharing.

From now until June 30, 2016, a free copy of PS Events software will be bundled with the purchase of select Mitsubishi photo printers.