2019 Sony World Photography Awards Launch

New York, NY—The World Photography Organization (WPO) opened the 12th edition of the Sony World Photography Awards. Moreover, to celebrate the awards’ continued presence as a leading global photography competition, WPO revealed the latest...

DIR Salutes Superstars Behind the Counter

The editorial group at Digital Imaging Reporter thought it was time to recognize the incredible contributions made by those “unsung heroes” that retailers depend on every day—the retail frontline staff. They are the superstars...

Matthews VRig VR Solution for Samsung 360 Round Camera

Burbank, CA—Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) introduced a solution to further extend the range of filming environments for the Samsung 360 Round camera—the Matthews VRig. “Samsung approached MSE last year as they began the initial field...

Moshi Photography Capsule Collection

San Francisco, CA—A brand that is known within the photography and design space, Moshi launched its Accessory Guide for Photographers. The Moshi capsule collection “features the ultimate setup for professionals and creative enthusiasts,” the...

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