Nikon Launches NYC Love Letters Campaign

Nikon Launches NYC Love Letters Campaign

Kicking Off with “Love Letters from the N Line,” Nikon Celebrates Things We Love About New York City through Images


Melville, NY—Nikon unveiled its new Love Letters campaign, which features open letters to the residents of New York City. The letters highlight some of the reasons why we love New York. In addition, they encourage people to share their love for the city that never sleeps.

The campaign evokes the traditional concept of the love letter but on a larger scale. It will feature a variety of images and curated love notes that reflect the city’s diversity, showcase its exhilarating energy and celebrate the sights and sounds that are distinctly New York City.

Nikon-Love-Letters-PigeonsThe campaign creative includes images that capture the city and those who call it home in vivid colors and detail. All the images are taken with Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses. Nikon’s Love Letters campaign will also ask New Yorkers to share their own beautiful images and affection for their city through social media, using #NikonLoveNY. Participants’ images will be displayed through the campaign’s dedicated website:

“Whether it’s a secret spot for the best slice, the way the dusk light hits an iconic landmark or a favorite park bench with the perfect view, the things we love most about our cities deserve to be captured with a quality that reflects the pride and personal connection we have to these places,” said Lisa Baxt, associate general manager of Communications, Nikon Inc.

“Through these love letters, we hope to encourage consumers to pick up a camera and share the love they have for their city through stunning imagery. We are excited to kick off the campaign in New York. And we look forward to seeing New Yorkers’ perspectives of all of the extraordinary things that make the city they love so special.”

Nikon-Love-Letters_WhiteSauceLaunching this spring, the campaign will feature Nikon’s love letters at the most notable places along the N line. This will include billboards, posters and other out-of-home displays. Images layered with short love letters will be revealed in key locations in and around the transit line. These sites will include Times Square, Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, as well as Astoria, Queens. They will offer commuters visually dynamic messages as captured by Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses.

Consumers and participants will also have an opportunity to see the campaign come via digital media and mobile platforms. As New York is waking up from winter, it’s a perfect time to capture the vibrancy of the city. Over the next two months, Nikon will encourage New Yorkers to capture what they love most about the Big Apple. Nikon will also urge them to share their personal love letters by tagging #NikonLoveNY.

Love Letters to the N Line

Traveling through three boroughs, the beloved N line is the ideal canvas to showcase what makes the city exceptional. The line carries more than nine million passengers each month. It runs through a diverse as well as rich cultural and architectural landscape. It stretches over a 45-station path and runs through four of the 10 busiest subway stations in New York City: Times Square, Union Square, Atlantic Avenue and Coney Island.
Nikon-Love-Letters-Dog-GoingOutAlready clad in Nikon’s recognizable yellow and black, the N line will serve as a conduit for Nikon’s Love Letters campaign. The campaign will also provide a picture of New York City that’s not often told, featuring some of the intimate details that make living in New York so special.

Furthermore, it will build upon the company’s Show Your Love Some Love campaign, launched in March 2016. Show Your Love Some Love empowered people to create better memories with images that do their “loves” justice. The Love Letters campaign was created and executed by Nikon’s agency partners, Cramer-Krasselt and MWWPR.

To see all of Nikon’s Love Letters and notes from other New Yorkers, visit throughout the campaign.