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Mizco Powers Up DigiPower Line: An Interview With Mizco President Maurice Mizrahi

September 2010

PB&ML: We are seeing a lot of solar power chargers come to market of late. Is this the future in this category? What else might be in store down the road?

Mizrahi: Our view is there are limitations to solar power. Currently, to charge two AA batteries might be a 24-hour charge for a small solar panel. For some of the smaller CE devices solar does work well, sometimes offering two- to three-hour charges.

Our plan is to go beyond that as we are joining the Wireless Power Consortium (see sidebar). We plan on working more closely with them as manufacturers are developing these embedded chips for mobile devices that will allow the device to charge on charging pads, a solution that we will develop, that brings everything together into one solution—–making it a more convenient charging solution for consumers.

PB&ML: Lots of technology changes happening in the battery category as well. What can retailers and consumers expect next?

Mizrahi: Lithium-ion is the dominant battery now and we feel that will continue for a while. I believe we will continue to see more product that will enhance the user experience. Our Jumpstart Slim product is a good example of this. The device weighs only two ounces and is very thin—shirt-pocket portability. The consumer is provided with this extra charge whenever they need it at a very affordable MSRP of $29.99. Very cool looking little gadget too. I think this market will see a lot more solutions like this moving forward.

PB&ML: As two "must have" accessories what tips and tricks can you offer imaging retailers on how best to display and move batteries and chargers?

Mizrahi: Display and placement. Retailers need to display a full selection that shows that they are servicing different needs. Service the consumer properly. Set up serious displays. Signage is important too. Make it clear that you're the place for this solution. Also, these accessories should be placed close to the devices that need them. Makes a statement to the consumer that their battery and charger accessory solutions are being taken care of at your location.

PB&ML: This mobile lifestyle we are all living today has been tough for imaging retailers to firmly grasp. What can you tell them about the future of the mobile life that will help them better understand their customers' ever-evolving needs?

Mizrahi: Come out of the darkroom! Imaging retailers have to understand imaging today. It's no longer a standalone industry but is now one that has evolved to become part of the overall consumer electronics industry. The fact that consumers can now take pictures, and pretty good ones, with their mobile phones is a good thing. It is bringing more people into imaging. Photography is so easy today. Today's consumer is shopping in non-traditional stores and today's imaging retailer can't survive as a traditional photo store anymore.

Sell solutions that enhance this mobile lifestyle. All these mobile devices and accessories are bringing people back in the store again and again. That's what our product line is all about.


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