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Random Notes : Dealing With the New DSLR Market

June 2010

While the DSLR category has enjoyed some solid growth the last few years, those numbers are leveling off a bit. The emergence of some new options and an overall broadening of the DSLR base is good news for imaging retailers and should inject new life into the category. The accessory market also gets a lift when life is good in DSLR land.

However, it is more vital than ever that the new directions and opportunities in this category are explained and sold accordingly. One thing the industry might want to consider is re-naming "Micro Four Thirds," which says nothing to the average snap shooters; EVIL will simply scare them away and "mirror-less digital camera with interchangeable lens capability" will bore them to death. Too much alphabet soup.

Another point to consider—the HD video capability in these things, while incredible, is a tricky feature to master. Help your customers get the most out of it by fully explaining how to correctly use it.

For dealers, as Ricky used to frequently say to Lucy, "You've got some splainin' to do!"



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