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Web Clicks: Cyber-Style Spring Cleaning

April 2012 By Michael McEnaney
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Time for a little spring cleaning this month, and as I began organizing my notes I came across these nuggets, all worth examining a bit more closely for imaging/CE retailers as we roll into the warm weather months.

Execution Is Everything!
I saw this stat on the National Retail Federation (NRF) website recently and thought it was worth passing along. A recent study conducted by the NRF revealed that 2% to 5% of revenue is lost when store-level employees don’t execute company communications strategy. With bottom lines as tight as they are these days, that’s a scary percentage and certainly makes it worth circling back with your floor staff to make sure they are dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s regarding store selling philosophy in their exchanges with your customers.

Mobile Apps or Mobile Web?
An interesting question has arisen recently with regard to consumer behavior when it comes to their mobile habits, and what the answer may be is worth looking into for retailers. Do consumers want mobile apps or mobile web? The choice between developing a mobile app or a mobile website accessible by browsers may best be made by determining which type of mobile audience you are seeking. A recent study by Yahoo! and Ipsos indicates that mobile users largely prefer browsers for shopping and doing searches but tend to use apps for navigation and making connections. For now it appears focusing on an effective mobile website is the direction you need to keep heading in.

I spoke with the folks at New York’s Adorama recently about the development of their new iPhone Toolshed site that offers accessory products aimed at lifting what they refer to as “iPhoneography” to new heights. When I asked Adorama’s vice president of Marketing, Brian Green, about the continued push to get images off of smartphones and turned into print profits, his response focused on changing a mindset that has set in with digital imaging over the last decade.

“Adorama believes that you have to get people out of the mindset that once you have a camera, everything else is free—to make them realize that spending a little extra money, whether on iPhone accessories or prints from your iPhone photos, can deliver a much higher level of satisfaction with photography. So along with special offers and other incentives, we need to educate our customers using all the new media now available to us,” Green explained.

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